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The Caretta Multilingua Centre for Plurilingual Education Courses for speech competence

How can I learn 10000 words in 100 lessons to communicate with confidence?

Lots of methods tried out, countless attempts made. No advancement in speaking? Despaired of ever succeeding? You already have everything you need for a foreign language acquisition.

  • You know word meanings in your mother tongue.
  • You possess mature implicit speech.
  • You have image thinking.

Speak second language as your mother tongue

The knowledge and learning experience of your native language are used by our methodology.
  • Individual bilingual anchoring is found for difficult and hard-to-remember words.
  • The target word is linked to its anchor by an individually imagined scetch.
  • The target word is encoded into a foreign language by a system of reiteration.
  • In the course of education you

    Pronunciation and active speaking

    Speech perception skills

    Reading and speed reading

    Specialized lexicon

The highlight of our methodology
Foreign language acquisition is determined by your cognitive abilities rather than by a strict lesson plan.
  • It is experimentally proven that the human brain is able to perceive only 5-9 words from 100 monosyllabic words shown in series.
  • Meaningful learning based on image memory improves learning efficiency significantly. However, this is not the limit.
  • If your implicit speech and cognitive abilities are engaged in the course of learning, the efficiency of learning increases tenfold.
The number of words
studied in 1 lesson
5-9 words Cramming
50-90 words Foreign language acquisition with image memory added
180-360 Foreign language acquisition with image memory and cognitive abilities added
What will you get from the Courses of speech competence?
  • Confident communication and effortless production The average speaking speed that we develop and train equals 150 disyllabic words per minute. The speech perception speed is achieved at the rate of 280 words per minute.
  • Enhancement of efficiency in foreign words memorizing You learn 10000 words in 500 lessons using a communicative approach. You will achieve the same level in 100 lessons at the Courses for speech competence.
  • Thinking in a foreign languageYour second language is transferred into a self-contained system based on your personal cognitive experience.
  • Instant recalling of a proper collocation It will take you 0,2 sec to activate the appropriate word from its image or inherent notion.
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